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RTBot is a real-time information service which gives you information from across the web!

About Us

What is RTBot?

RTBot is a Real-time information service, where you can enter a topic title and instantly get related digital contents from multiple sources (e.g. Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Books, Newspapers, Magazines) all at once.

RTBot aims to be a global top reference site, enriching the way people research, explore, learn, discover and monitor their topics of interest

RTBot which can also be called as a Real Time Bot is a web application structured thematically around topics, like in an encyclopedia, enhanced with a set of features and interactive functions. It integrates contents loaded from different online sources under one single interface, providing a wide spectrum of digital contents and up-to-the-minute data. For every valid topic, RTBot presents a list of modules with content loaded in real-time from multiple web services, categorized by media type or data source. By jumping modules, you'll find fresh data and digital media from Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs, Books, Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Social Answers and additional online resources

Why use RTBot?

RTBot aims to simplify the access to information and content stored in different sites, reducing the time it takes to find relevant and fresh information on the internet.

  • Access the freshest information and multimedia content about almost any subject, person, place or event in one single place.
  • Complete research tasks quickly and easily.
  • Get a multi-perspective vision and real-time context for every topic.
  • Eliminate the need to visit different online resurces separately.
  • Obtain new information each day - even if you are looking at the same article.
  • Visualize multimedia and social-media content related to every topic.
  • Embrace a didactic, intuitive, holistic approach to learning.
  • Discover new, relevant content about your favorite topics and interests.
  • RTBot offers a fun and engaging learning experience.
  • Topics research is moving from being "stateless" to being very much in the here and now

RTBot provides content only for specific topics such as concepts, subjects, personalities, events, places, companies, products, etc., but not for broader, unspecific searches.

Examples of valid topics (that are good for you to look for on RTBot)
Justin Bieber   |   Cloud Computing   |   Cupertino   |   Bill Gates   |   Roger Federer   |   Android   |   Greenpeace   |   Pearl Harbor   |   William Shakespeare